Is it advisable to buy at Byju’s current share price?

Byju's share price

If you have doubts about buying at Byju’s current share price, they end here.  You have valid doubts about a valuation of Byju’s shares, nosediving from 22 to 1 billion dollars within a short time.  However, experts in the unlisted and pre-IPO shares market confirm that the current Byjus stock price at all-time lows could be an excellent opportunity to have high returns in the long term.  It is because many shares falling free on lousy news have recovered in the past to reap huge profits.  

So, check out the many reasons why it is advisable to buy at the current Byju’s share price as it has fallen from being a decacorn in 2018 to still a unicorn ed-tech company with many acquisitions of the top tech startup companies to rising again in the future to have high returns. 

Seven reasons to buy at the current Byju’s stock price

Within one year of starting Byjus in 2011 as an online tutor company by an engineer, it became part of the “Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific” ratings in 2012 and remains there until now.  Also, the Times of India rated Byju’s shares as the second most ranked unlisted share in 2022, even above NSE, and only next to Serum Institute, which became the top IPO share after making COVID-19 vaccines in 2020. There are many other reasons to buy at the current Byju stock price to yield high returns. 

  1. Market experts confirm that Byjus is still one of the most potential unlisted shares as it has over 150 million students and job seekers registered with it as of April 2023
  2. Byjus has become the top tech company in India as it offers diverse learning solutions in most regional languages to enable students in various parts of the country to achieve their ambitions. 
  3. Byju’s share price nosedived from a high valuation of 22 billion in 2022 to 1 billion in 2024, which could see a revival shortly.
  4. With many acquisitions in the last few years, Byjus has enough resources in the form of tech startups like Akash and Toppr, which have enormous potential to increase revenue and profit.
  5. Byjus has become a multinational tech company with offices in metro and second-tier cities in India. It offers excellent offline coaching for competitive exams in addition to online classes.
  6. Byjus offers online coaching in various languages and provides engaging content with fine-tuned study solutions to enable students to succeed even in competitive exams like JEE, NEET, UPSC, and others.
  7. A long list of acquisitions of the best tech startups in India increased the resources and value. It enabled students to learn to code and high-quality coaching to succeed in competitive exams.

To learn more about why you should buy at the current Byju shares price, contact the top broker with enough experience to provide transparency and reap huge profits. 

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