Hospitality Revolution: Evaluating the Prospects of OYO Rooms Unlisted Shares

OYO Rooms' unlisted shares, unlisted shares

Your search for evaluating the prospects of the OYO Rooms’s unlisted shares ends here. After the disastrous pandemic, 2023 was the year for the tourism industry’s recovery. The hospitality revolution over the past few decades has made the sector resilient to overcome COVID-like challenges and come back strong. And now, the hospitality revolution revolves around technology, personalisation, sustainability, experiential travel, etc. Here, the Oravel Stays, popularly called OYO Rooms, play a pivotal part in developing the hospitality sector directly and the travelling and other related industries indirectly. One of the recent examples is the rapid rise of the OYO books during Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024.  

Continue reading this blog until the end to evaluate the prospects of OYO Rooms’ unlisted shares during the recent hospitality revolution and buy them from reputed online platforms to make huge profits. 

What is the hospitality revolution in 2024?

The global hospitality industry overcoming the COVID challenges rose to 4.7 trillion dollars in 2023 and will increase to 5.8 trillion dollars by 2027. The hospitality revolution in recent years involves technology at its core, hyper-personalization, sustainability concerns, and experiential travel based on wellness and health. It is essential to improve the hospitality business in this digitalised and globalised world for online platforms like OYO Rooms to flourish with huge businesses. It enables people from anywhere in the world to book rooms for long and short-term accommodation anywhere. OYO Rooms, started in 2012 and 2021, have over 150,000 storefronts across over 35 countries on their platform for people to book rooms with a few clicks. 

In-depth evaluation of the OYO Rooms’ unlisted shares’ prospects 

OYO Rooms sales and revenue have continuously risen in the last few years as the need for short-stay accommodation at affordable costs but without compromising quality is increasing in India and worldwide. The net sales of OYO Rooms increased from 1,403 in 2018 to 4,781 crore rupees in 2022, rising even during the pandemic. Also, the total income during the same period rose from 1460 to 4905 crore rupees and will only increase. With other online platforms like Zomato, PayTM, and others coming out with IPOs and trading at high profits, OYO Rooms’ unlisted shares traded at a high of Rs. 150 in 2022. 

But with the IPO not materialising for many reasons, the unlisted share price of OYO Rooms fell to its all-time low of Rs. 65 in February 2023. But in February 2024, it is trading around Rs. 80 again with expectations of excellent results in fiscal 2024, IPO rumours, and increased sales and revenue, among others. 


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